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Following Through with What you Want/Should Do Part 2

We all have disappointments in life - with our circumstances, with our personal failures/mistakes, with realities around us.

Let's continue from Part 1. In Part 1 we replaced our lie(s) with truth(s). Truths: I can get my exercise snack in and walk the dog regularly. I can make it without snacking between [good] meals. Maybe, like myself, you do well for a while but you find yourself repeatedly back on default and not doing what you should/want to do again. How can we make this stick?! Welcome to the evil rut cycle - what you think about makes a neural connection in the brain and redesigns itself around that thought. These neural pathways can be destructive or constructive - the beauty is, you get to choose! And, how do we choose? We have pre-established (subconscious brain) patterning and habits in which we filter incoming information to either support that belief or filter it out; we actually condition our brain to reinforce what we already believe. We were smoothly, and efficiently created to fall into habits, into neurological ruts. So, ask yourself why you believe something and when did this belief start.

What Satan intends for evil, God makes good for those that love Him.

Step 1. Identify your rut(s). What is your usual negative self talk? What do you perseverate on? Example: "I can't do it all".

Step 2. Change your rut into a truth trench. We identified in Part 1 our truths, but now we need to meditate and dwell on them; keep repeating to make a healthy "truth trench" and rewire that old neural pathway with the new one [Rewire Principle]. That man is gone, the new one is here. The challenge here is we typically attack the problem with focusing on the problem; starting or stopping that problem behavior, not focusing on the truth that will set us free. Strategically choose a new series of thoughts. Write declarations when temptations arise, using scripture. I would walk around with 3x5 cards in my back pocket and pull them out at a moment's notice. Write your declaration that it speaks to you and as if it were already true; claim the victory we have. Do not practice Eastern meditation and "empty your mind", fill it with God's truths being strategic and deliberate about what you allow into your mind.

Write it. Think it. Confess it until you believe it. And do it as early as possible each morning. Here are some examples:

"I am disciplined. Christ in me is stronger than the wrong desires in me."

"Pain is my friend. I rejoice in suffering because Jesus suffered for me."

"I bring my best and then some. It's what I bring after I bring my best that makes the difference."

In summary, "watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny," Craig Groeschel. In Part 1 we identified the truth, but that doesn't mean we believe it yet. In Part 2, dwell on it, meditate on it until you do believe it and you will rewire your brain as God is renewing your mind.

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