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Truth About Exercise

I have such a passion for bringing holistic truths to my neighbors to help them live the healthy, active life with their family/community they have been craving. Without our health, we may feel like we can do nothing.

Why do we exercise? To lose weight, combat chronic illness, gain energy/mindfulness, gain strength, look good to others, gain activity endurance/improve heart health, increase bone density/avoid fracture in the event of a fall, or simply because "someone told us to" or "we should" may come to mind.

In my FREE talk coming up on Monday, January 30, 2023 (see events page at, we will dive into the science of free radicals - inflammation and oxidative stress, and how this can get imbalanced with too little, too much, or the wrong type of exercise for you as an individual. We will learn how to read our symptoms during and post exercise to know how much we should do, reflect on our recovery for modification needs, check in with our mindset about our exercise program to improve accountability, explore blood type association with exercise profile and set realistic and inspiring life goals.

Successful/appropriate exercise allows us to have clarity of mind, stable emotions, stay consistent with physical activity and obtain personal goals.

If you need help with mindset to get going, anti-inflammatory meal planning, or a physical fitness plan appropriate for you, contact me and I'm happy to help you make necessary strides to making your goals your reality.

Be blessed,

Dr. Shallyn

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