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How does Mindset Affect My Health?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Christ. He knew us before we were in our mothers' womb and He has plans for us that He ordained ahead of time. We are born with a survival code to include 1) love, 2) worthiness/purpose, and 3) security. We will innately do anything we can to survive.

Prior to the age of 7, our minds are completely subconscious in function. We have no filter. What we experience regularly by our closest care givers determine our values, habits, and beliefs - good, bad, right or wrong; it just is who we "be". After the age of 7, our conscious mind develops and we now institute a filter on information coming into our mind - we either accept or reject this information based on our subconscious patterns laid out in early childhood. Therefore, we can accept good or bad and reject good or bad based on preconstructed subconscious mindset.

Once our brains process this information, our bodies produce a reaction - heart rate, respiratory rate, digestion and muscle tone change. This becomes our doing state.

Finally, our body's reaction creates our having state - our circumstances, our environment, our reality.

Wouldn't you want positive values laid out from a loving, secure, purposeful early childhood that allows you to accept good things and therefore have a calm heart rate and relaxed muscle tone and good digestion creating a peaceful reality that flows with life versus walking around in an anxiety laden, pain-induced chronic tension state? The good news is, learning how to take captive our thoughts and bring them into obedience to Christ, we can break old habits and build truth trenches to a much healthier future. Let the healing begin!

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