Wellness Coaching :: Nutritional Coaching

Looking for a natural way to improve immune response, manage medical complaints, weigh in where you want to, sleep well, and create a lifestyle that keeps your mind/temper at ease? Combining Dr. Shallyn’s training in Blood Type Eating (endorsed by Harvard Medical School) and Genetic Profile assessment, this nutritional counseling package is one you won’t want to miss.

2 month coaching program starts with an evaluation and 3 hour nutritional assessment including BASICS living education. Two weeks later, kick start your 6, 30 minute, weekly coaching sessions with a mid-program 45 minute session to re-evaluate nutritional progress on chronic health symptoms. Along the way enjoy a member only community page full of matching recipes for your blood type and genetic profile. Leave this program with a sense of empowerment over your chronic health issues in a natural and much more affordable way; invaluable to your complete health.

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