Wellness Coaching :: Firm, Tone and Endure

Proper alignment and mechanics make this program a HUGE success for getting the physical results you are craving without undo wear and tear on your joints or aggravating old injuries. With core stability at its foundation, its ability to boost your immune system is an essential BONUS during this pandemic time.

Two month coaching program starts with an evaluation and a separate 2 hour assessment pinpointing your individual exercise needs and skeletal demands for proper basic movement activities. Follow-up with 6 weekly 45 minute personal exercise sessions to progress toward your goals. Along the way enjoy a member only community page full of exercise videos with Doctor of Physical Therapy tidbits on sound alignment and mechanics; a perfect way to kickstart your healthy workout habits, invaluable toward your complete health.

Call Dr. Shallyn at (719) 219-5865 or add this program to your cart and Dr. Shallyn will contact you asap to discuss pricing and registration.