Community Classes/Events :: Individualized Nutrition Course

Struggling with weight? Suffering with chronic illness? Fatigued all of the time? Anxiety ruling your days? Migraines keeping you from your desired outings? Never “well”? Your food choices may be a cause. Even if you just want to know how to eat better for your self without following the latest “diet”, this course is for you (and that friend or family member that came to mind when you finished reading this).

  • Learn what your genetic code is telling you nutritionally.
  • Learn why knowing your blood type can optimize your food choices to feed your genes for healthy expression.
  • Learn B.A.S.I.C.S. living to optimize absorption of the nutrients you consume.
  • Take home recipes that will feed your type that you can cook from your pantry tonight.

Questions? Call (719) 219-5865 or Text (719) 433-3057. Live or via zoom. Cost includes immediate blood typing. PLEASE REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 8th to ENSURE ENOUGH BLOOD TYPING KITS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL NEEDED PARTICIPANTS!