Tai Chi for Neck and Shoulder

The cool thing about being a Rehabilitative (Physical Therapist) Tai Chi instructor is all of these moves can be modified to meet you where you are physically at — lying down, sitting, standing, stepping, walking.  Tai Chi is meant to be practiced in the “yellow-zone” — challenging to you, but not eliciting pain.  It is meant to be relaxed and slow.  It transitions you from a sympathetic nervous system state (stressed out from work/day happenings) to a parasympathetic nervous system state (the only state our body can heal in).  Even just practicing proper postural alignment OR focused breathing OR mindful meditation during these guided moves can have major health benefits to lead you to a well and active life.

Give Shallyn’s a call at (719) 219-5865 with any questions about her Tai Chi practice or schedule an appointment for further personalized Tai Chi practice for your health needs/goals.  No appointment necessary for joining one or many of her community Tai Chi classes (at Perfect Fit Wellness Center, Peyton CO September through May and outdoors, at Shallyn’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, Black Forest CO June to September).

Here’s to better health to all of my neighbors!