Combating Cancer

Ever feel like Cancer is on the rise (again)?  I don’t think there are any of us out there that have not been impacted by this nasty disease either directly or indirectly.  Why Cancer?  Why me? Why my family member? Why my friend?  Why???

I am not an oncologist.  What I do know about Cancer is it loves an oxygen depleted state of being.  More oxygen being appropriately carried by our cells to all parts of our body equals less chance of Cancer taking root and a better chance at fighting it.   What do we do when we are stressed out?  Breathe shallow and breathe less often.  Wonder why our face turns red when we’re stressed?  Not enough oxygen being delivered.

So how can we deliver more oxygen to our bodies and lessen our stress (“the true silent killer”)?
1. Tai Chi (which I have been certified in since 2016) teaches proper deep breathing (let alone stress reduction and easy movement).  Just like I mentioned in my February 2018 post, focus on the exhalation — blow the air out of your lungs until you are really having to forcefully blow it out then naturally allow yourself to take a breath in through your nose.  Do that a few times a day to give yourself an ante up on getting good oxygen supply delivered to your body.
2. Seed nutrition (SOUL).  Watch this video to see how nutrition plays a vital role in affording our red blood cells proper oxygen content for our whole body.

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3. Ask yourself what healthy activity helps you de-stress and do it at least once a day.  My girls and I came up with: being alone in their room to read or play, walking in nature, and listening to music.

My heart goes out to you all touched by Cancer.  Maybe a little tidbit here can help you along your journey of health.