About Dr. Shallyn

Dr. Shallyn MacDonald PT DPT FAAOMPT

In the world of physical therapy, Dr. Shallyn is unique in assessing the root cause of orthopedic musculoskeletal pain and implementing specific wellness approaches for guiding her patients and clients to healthier living.

Growing up in a small rural town, close to family, and always active, she desired a career in which she could continue the legacy of healthy and active family living.

Dr. Shallyn completed her Master’s in Physical Therapy at Andrews University in Dayton, OH. While eagerly studying the profession of PT, she started competing in sprint triathlons and became certified in Stott Pilates mat and Reformer. Missing more rugged terrain, she moved to Colorado in 2001 to work in outpatient orthopedics. During her first few years as a PT, she became certified in manual PT through NAIOMPT. After completing her manual certification, she received her doctorate in PT through Regis University. Desiring specialty in orthopedics and manual PT, she then became board certified in orthopedic PT and completed fellowship training in orthopedic manual PT (a feat less than 1% of PTs obtain). In 2016, she became certified in rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi primarily for its balance benefits, pulmonary benefits, and meditative practices for stress management. Recognizing the increase in chronic medical conditions in this country, she has explored nutrition and its ability to help or hinder her patient’s healing and ability to reach their optimal healthy living lifestyle. Her intensive education has refined her ability to effectively and efficiently solve patient’s musculoskeletal problem(s) and lead them to an optimal state of wellness.

Dr. Shallyn has a drive to continuously promote a healthy and active lifestyle for those in her local neighborhoods and to educate other health professionals nationally to do the same. She has paid her education forward with numerous intern/resident/fellow-in-training mentoring and served many years as Vice-Chair for the SE District of Colorado’s American Physical Therapy Association until her career wellness had to be balanced with family wellness.

If you are interested in working with Dr. Shallyn, please call our office to schedule an appointment. (719) 219-5865 or send your specific question below.