Resistance to Healing

Ever wonder why you have tried and tried to break a habit that you know is just unhealthy for you and you just can’t do it?  Ever wonder why you have tried “every treatment out there” to heal your pain and nothing has worked?  You’re not alone.

Do you find yourself evaluating every occurrence in your life as right or wrong?  Do you find yourself thinking someone else or something else is the cause of your problem?  Do you find yourself thinking you can’t do “this” by yourself?  Do you find yourself stating “I don’t have…(money, time, energy) to do “this”.”?  Do you find yourself repeating the phrase “I don’t know…”?  You have a subconscious resistance to healing; expressing your ultimate state of health.

So, how do you break this mindset and give yourself a chance at finally healing?  Shallyn’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Services can coach you to change your wheel of resistance into a wheel of success.

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