Chronic stress have you so wound up that even exercising to release it is difficult or uncomfortable?

None of us are immune to the personal fact that stress wreaks havoc on our bodies.  Just googling “impacts of stress on the body” pops up myriad results.
– Musculoskeletal system: muscles guarding/tightening leading to poor posture and thus imbalanced weakness and thus more tension and more pain — check!
– Nervous system: the sympathetic nervous system signals the adrenal glands to release hormones called adrenalin (epinephrine) and cortisol (endocrine system) which cause the heart to beat faster (cardiovascular system), respiration rate to increase (respiratory system), digestive process to change and glucose levels (sugar energy) in the bloodstream to increase to deal with the stress (GI system) — check!
– Respiratory system: shallow, rapid breathing, shortness of breath leading to panic attacks or holding one’s breath and creating intermittent hypoxic (oxygen depleted) states to the brain — check!
– Cardiovascular system: high blood pressure and other complications leading to possible heart attack and stroke– check!
– Endocrine system: Glucocorticoids, including cortisol, are important for regulating the immune system and reducing inflammation. Thus, increased infections and viruses may be contracted; chronic fatigue, metabolic disorders (e.g., diabetes, obesity), depression and immune disorders may manifest — check!
– Gastrointestinal (GI) system: bowel complication.  Without daily flushing of our toxins (no pun intended), where do they go and what do they do to us???  Scary thought — check!
– Reproductive System: see for more details as desired.

Can you see how the whole body is related?  Just review the nervous system above to see how impacts of stress really hit all of the systems at once.  Stress does not show favoritism…or does it?  Have a weak link — previous musculoskeletal injury? nerve injury?  respiratory illness that left its residual weaknesses?  familial history of heart condition, diabetes, obesity, depression, etc?  weak stomach?  fertility issues? — chances are stress may magnify your weak spots.

OK, so stop stressing about the impacts that stress is having on your body!  Easier said than done.  As we all know, this could be a book in and of itself (wait, it already is by MANY different experts in the field).  I will close with a few tidbits that Shallyn’s can provide to help with your overall health.
1. Shallyn’s works closely with Massage by Teresa ( in Peyton for progressive stress relaxation muscle work; aiding your physical therapy benefits.
2. Tai Chi research promotes positive benefits to stress reduction: assisting you to enter a parasympathetic state (the only state in which healing can occur) and focusing on healthy respiratory patterns which will also help regulate your cardiovascular system.  As Tai Chi has both movement and meditative principles, you are constantly moving those negative vibes out and welcoming in refreshing, healthy ones.
3. Epigenetics (  What?  Shallyn’s can provide clinical genetic profile assessment to assist in formulating a nutrition plan that will capitalize on your genetic strengths and limit your inherent genetic weaknesses.
4. and, of course, prayer!

Take a deep breath.  If you need help minimizing stress’s impact on your physical health and one of Shallyn’s tidbits above is tugging at you to try, contact Shallyn’s at (719) 219-5865 to schedule your appointment today for better health!  No referral needed.

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