Why you should consider an annual checkup at Shallyn’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Services

Have you ever wondered how to tweak your workout to give you that extra edge to guard against injury or boost your energy/endurance or give you an extra mile without dying on your run or actually lessen your chances of a devastating fall?  Maybe you just need pointers on what to do to safely start an activity/wellness program.

At Shallyn’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Services, Dr. Shallyn thoroughly examines your functional mobility, quality of mobility, strength, balance, postural integrity, eating habits, sleep habits and stress management to give you this edge.  No other profession has the education to look at you so closely for physical activity safety and ease and less than 1% of physical therapists have Dr. Shallyn’s training to capitalize on the root cause of these difficulties for you.

As a local physical therapist professional for 18 years now, Dr. Shallyn has numerous contacts within the local medical world to humbly and smartly refer you to another practitioner, as needed, for health risks or problems identified during your checkup that fall outside her scope of practice. The checkup should take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the client and the presence of chronic disease or disability.

We all have imbalances and inherent weaknesses.  Why don’t you schedule an annual checkup today at Shallyn’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Services ((719) 219-5865) to take the guess work out of why that area of your body keeps aching/gives way/won’t seem to get stronger or you just don’t trust your balance anymore or you just can’t seem to muster the energy to be active like your body was built to be.

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