Is that headache lasting past the morning after New Years?

Dealing with a headache is never fun.  Based on the location of your headache, it may be treatable with physical therapy.  Headache at the base of your skull with or without radiation over your head is likely caused by your neck.  Headache behind your eyes is likely eye strain.  Headache above your eyes is likely sinuses and headache in your temple(s) is likely from your jaw.  The first and the last of these is highly treatable by physical therapy.
At Shallyn's Physical Therapy and Wellness Services I will take a close look at your joint mobility in your neck, jaw, shoulders, upper ribs and upper back.  Why more than just the neck and/or jaw?  Our bodies have amazing ways of compensating for movement abnormalities and the muscles in our upper ribs, upper back and shoulders attach to the neck and/or jaw.  As you know from previous posts, I will look for the cause and treat that.  I will then assess whether or not your compensations are going to go away on their own from the exercises I prescribe you or if I need to also treat those to ensure this nagging headache stays away past the morning after.
Once mobility is addressed, stability will be assessed (muscle and ligament structure).  Have RA?  This is a disease that commonly presents with upper neck pain/headache and has underlying instability.  Stability exercises are prescribed in a graded manner based on your independent presentation.
Below you will see an example of how I treat the joints in the neck and upper back and a couple of my favorite neck stability exercises.

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